Venue Owners



I wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with Live Prize Trivia. We have tried many different promotions on Thursday nights, and without a doubt our Trivia Night has been the most successful of them all. We have seen over 200% growth in sales in this night. Your team at Live Prize Trivia has been not only great to work with, but the customers love them too!

Our mission is simple

  • To draw quality customers during otherwise slower times of the week.
  • To sell food and drink to those customers, a captive audience, during the 2 hour show.
  • To turn new customers into regulars, who think of your establishment next time they go out, not just for “Trivia” night.

Why Bar Trivia?

Trivia is a unique form of entertainment for what we like to call the ‘in-betweeners’ – those patrons not ready to go home when happy hour is over but who still have to work in the morning. These people are the perfect fit for trivia. We provide them with something different, social, and fun to do every week while they have their dinner and a couple of drinks. Bar trivia is the perfect way to change your slowest night of the week in to a profitable one.

Why Live Prize Trivia?

Cost Effectiveness:

  • LPT is working for you around the clock, not just on trivia night! The promotional support you receive via our web site and social networking is complimented by your venue’s presence on our game sheets seen by hundreds of trivia players throughout San Diego County each week. We provide the avenue for players to consider your venue next time they go out – trivia night or not.


  • The format of our show is time tested and flawless. It started over 40 years ago in Atlanta , GA. Our format maintains the delicate balance between the lively and cerebral sides of bar trivia. We ask questions in varied categories to test a broader range of knowledge than any one individual typically possesses. This encourages a team concept filling our venues to capacity.


  • We are all local. The owner, Laurel Chestney, lives right here in San Diego. We have our supplies printed by a local company and all of our trivia hosts live and work here making us available to suit our venues’ needs.


  • We’ve been here in San Diego for over 15 years now and have developed an awesome reputation with both forms of customers (venue owners/managers AND players).