Private & Corporate Events

LPT is a great way to compliment your event with an ice breaker or party game! Find out HOW IT WORKS with our restaurant and bar partners. Two qualities which make LPT unique for private events are its adaptability and inclusiveness as well its social aspect.

The game length and question categories can be adjusted for the event. The type of music played is also completely flexible. Players of all ages (20’s-60’s) enjoy it. It’s the perfect way to promote teamwork, enjoy a dinner or cocktail hour, and get to know each other. The game provides topics for conversation while not dominating that atmosphere. Prizes for private events can be varied as well. Some companies use door prizes or company perks while others simply give away cash or gift cards. We will gladly make our trivia MC available for your entire event to help with music, announcements and organization.

Please CONTACT US to find out more about how Live Prize Trivia can liven up your event!