Bar trivia night

Socializing with friends and family at your local pub or bar over a nice cold drink is something humans have been doing for hundreds of years. Although the tradition of playing trivia games has only been around since the 1960’s according to some historians and most likely originated in the United Kingdom.

Live Prize Trivia is bringing the best of trivia to San Diego and has become the premier trivia game at bars, pubs, restaurants and breweries for people who love to have fun. Any night of the week can be transformed in an extraordinary one by going out to any one of Live Prize Trivias over 45 locations around the San Diego area. Come out and play! Bring your friends, family or just come out and make new friends during the game.

Not only will you have blast laughing your way through each game but you have a chance to win a range of prizes depending on the night.

Quenching your thirst for booze, brains, and riches every week at your favorite local watering holes. Live Prize Trivia has been conducting the most lively and charismatic pub trivia games in San Diego since 2008. Compete in our bi-annual tournaments for even more intense competition, riches, and glory! (or something)

Find a game tonight and make your normal evening into a one with memories.